Sunday, January 22, 2012

TOR + Globe Tattoo in Android Tablet = Free Internet

Tor is available for Android by installing the package named Orbot.
What is ORBOT?
Orbot is an application that allows mobile phone users to access the web, instant messaging and email without being monitored or blocked by their mobile internet service provider. Orbot brings the features and functionality of Tor to the Android mobile operating system.
Orbot contains
                1.       Tor
                2.       libevent and
                3.       privoxy
Orbot provides a local HTTP proxy and the standard SOCKS4A/SOCKS5 proxy interfaces into the Tor network. Orbot has the ability to transparently torify all of the TCP traffic on your Android device when it has the correct permissions and system libraries.

1.       For best result, I am recommending you to try this trick using a globe sim registered with MB15 (even if your sim is already “butas”)  I tried to used butas na sim before and I was not able to download the ORBOT in Android Market successfully.
a.       try to load P15 first,  then register your sim for MB15.
b.      To register your sim for MB15, type MB15 then send to 8888
c.       A confirmation message will show that you have successfully registered your sim to MB15

UPDATE:  You may now use your unblocked globe prepaid sim in doing this trick!!! How to unblock? Try this
2.       Download ORBOT from Android Market and an automatic installation follow.
3.       After the installation, do not run ORBOT yet. We still need a browser that is best for ORBOT to run smoothly….. its ORWEB
4.       Download the ORWEB again from Android Market
5.       After downloading ORWEB it will automatically install in your device.
6.       Now, take a deep breath then run your ORBOT.

7.  Do not worry about the warnings…. They will not harm your device.

8.  If ORBOT says that your device is late or advance in terms of TIME, just go to settings and adjust your device’s DATE AND TIME settings.
9.  Wait until it reaches 100%

10.  After ORBOT reaches 100%, click OPTIONS, choose Check (this is to check that your browser is properly configured to use TOR. Choose ORWEB if your ORBOT would ask about the browser to use.
11. ORWEB should look like this…

12. Just let your MB15 run out and your on your way to free internet….
13. Try to download a 50MB file. You will notice that your MB15 will simply run out but still your download goes on and on. Well let me congratulate  you for doing another job! We were able to make you sim BUTAS!!!  (If you were not able to do that before)


  1. i think need pa iconfig ip and proxy/port para gumana sa gl*be... dating butas na sim ko kaso no luck pdin para mapagana more than a week ago na...

    1. no sir. no need na po ang config for ip and proxy/port. Sometimes you really have to switch your 3G on and off while TOR is trying to connect. Especially if you found na stalled po ang TOR.

  2. hi..i just wanna ask if what usb dongle r u using?ung skn kc is e303,d sya madetect ng tablet ko

    1. gamit ko po e153 globe. hindi pa po supported ang e303 sa tablet natin kaya di mo po sya magagamit.

  3. bro.. ask ko lng po kung may idea ka sa free internet ng android phone.. tong sgs3 ko may chance kaya magka free internet jan sa pinas? us version unlocked xa.. thanks

    1. opo, actually marami na pong way para maaccess natin dito sa Pinas ang internet for free... lalo na po at UNLOCKED na pala unit mo. just make sure po na gamitan lang po natin ng compatible usb dongle ang unit natin.

  4. kelangan tlga rooted phone to use free internet.. locked xa sa globe eh tong sgs3..sorry bago lng ako d2..

    1. in my own experience po with my android, mas madali po kasing magkafree net kung rooted na po ang unit. But don't worry po, meron pa rin pong way maka access ng internet for free without rooting your phone. Gamit ka na lang po ng emulator...


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